Table Lamp


approx dimensions:

  • Height = 42cm
  • Base dia = 33cm
  • Metal form lamp with fabric shade
  • Fabric shade provides a subtle light to any space
  • All shades are black nylon upcycled from umbrella canopies with some creasing and patina from it’s previous life
  • The stem and base come in 2 colour options; Black and chrome
  • Energy efficient G4 LED bulb
  • Uses 3w Only, providing 300 lumens
  • up to 90% Energy Saving On Running Costs compared to halogen equivalent
  • Lasts Longer Than Traditional Halogen Capsule Saving Re-Lamping Costs, Produces Less Heat
  • 90% of one umbrella is used in one lamp
  • Base support strut made from 3d printed recycled plastic filament
  • At the end of life, Anti will take back your lamp and upcycle into a new product
  • Providing 300 lumens
  • Packaging is made from recycled cardboard and recycled biodegradable air pillows
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